Casa Clubs do Children in Need 2019

On Thursday 14th November 2019 all clubs raised money for the excellent cause CHILDREN IN NEED.

We had a very busy and exciting afternoon raising as many pennies as possible!

Thank you to all of you that got involved!

Your child’s club took part in a movie and pyjama night which was bundles of fun!

Your children watched the wonderful Toy Story 4 with popcorn as a treat whilst being snuggled up in our pyjamas.

All of  you and your children generously donated to join in with this fabulous evening.

Your children also completed some extra themed activities including Pudsey cupcakes and split pin Pudsey’s!

We are currently totting up our total raised therefore will inform you all soon.

To find out more information about this excellent cause, you can visit

Please visit for more details on our clubs and the fun we have to offer.