Children in Need 2018 at Casa Clubs – After School Club

Casa after school clubs are taking part in Children in need this year and we hope you will all join us!

We hope to raise some Money for children in need and for the children to have a great time in the process!

A PJ and Pizza and popcorn party watching the new film the INCREDIBLES 2!

For snack the children will have pizza, garlic bread and for after popcorn and a small fizzy drink as a treat!

We hope the children will join us on the days their clubs will be involved.

PJ’s are welcomed and we hope many of the children will come dressed in their favorite onesies! Either that or sporting some spots or anything they wish to dress up in would be fine!

Below are the dates your clubs will be taking part:

Hale, School – Farnham –  Tuesday 13th November 2018

Kids Den, Aldershot – Tuesday 13th November 2018

St Polycarp’s School, Farnham – Wednesday 14th November 2018

St Augustine’s School – Frimley – Wednesday 14th November 2018

It would be great if the children could bring a voluntary donation along with them to help support the wonderful cause of children in need this year.

If your children would like to join us, you can book in at

A donation box will also be available in the reception of each club 🙂

We look forward to hosting these wonderful nights at clubs this week.

If you would like any further information, you can call us on 01252 722000