Childcare Vouchers

This is one of the ways employers can assist their employees with the costs of childcare. Childcare vouchers are exempt from National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for employers and from tax and NICs for employees.

Working parents can ‘purchase’ vouchers up to £55 a week or £243 a month. Vouchers are offered usually as part of a salary sacrifice scheme. Both parents may be able to access vouchers if their employers offer this scheme. The vouchers pay for Ofsted registered or approved childcare and can be saved up to pay for e.g. summer holiday care as well spent throughout the year.

‘Salary sacrifice’ means that an employee formally agrees to a reduction to their taxable salary and receives this reduction in childcare vouchers. Employers can receive up to 12.8% in NIC savings and employees up to 11% (along with savings on their tax). The contract between employer and employee must be updated and incorporate changes as result of the salary sacrifice. The voucher company that has been contracted to the employer will provide the vouchers to the employees to ‘pay’ for their childcare. The childcare provider redeems the value of the voucher directly with the voucher company. Childcare providers will need to register with the childcare voucher company in order to receive payment.HM revenue & Customs have put together a calculator to help parents decide whether they would be better off receiving tax credits or, instead, taking childcare vouchers from their employer to help with childcare costs.

What our parents say

“J really enjoys his afternoons at Casa, a happy environment where he plays and enjoys
activities amongst friends. The staff are always welcoming and obviously care for all the
children. J always comes home happy and suitably worn out! 
Thank you”

“ My son ‘A’ has a (quote) ‘Fan-daby-dosy’ time with Casa at your Frimley Easter Holiday Club. It was clear the Casa has thoughtfully planned activities, ‘A’ came home with lots to tell me each day. I honestly have never seen him so eager to leave me before.. but for Casa he definitely did. You guys do an amazing job in keeping ‘A’ happy and engaged in meaningful play…. and having tried other establishments for holiday provision I can say that ‘A’ enjoyed your setting very much. He is looking forward to coming back for future clubs with you. Thank you for your hard work”

A. Darko, Casa Clubs Frimley

“My daughter had a fantastic time at the Easter Holiday clubs, after her first session she couldn’t wait to go back. We will definitely be returning in the summer, thanks for providing a great club”

H.Cashin, Casa Clubs

” We will be keeping an eye out for booking in the summer holidays. The boys had a great time on the two days they attended and ‘E’ had been to two other clubs and announced that Casa was the best. The boys enjoyed the baking activities and the bouncy castle being their favourites but they also liked the fact the groups were small. The staff were very friendly, organized and security was good. Thank you”

Mrs Stoker, Casa Clubs

My son started attending Kids Den Breakfast Club since he started Reception in 2015 and I cannot fault the service he has received whilst there. The staff are friendly and available to discuss any queries/ issues that I may have. The setting has loads of space and various activities available to keep him engaged and ready for the start of his school day. Although not a regular in the after-school programme he has attending on the odd occasion and he must like it as he often asked if he can also do after-school clubs as well. In a shell, I highly recommend any parent using the service provided by Casa Clubs, especially at Kids Den. 

Mrs N. Cruickshank-Ralph, Kids Den - Casa Clubs

My daughter loved it at holiday club and was always very positive and happy when I picked her up and asked about her day. Lois was very comforting when my daughter arrived each morning and would lead her to a group of friends to play with. Very happy with the staff and the activities planned throughout the day.

23rd August 2019

St Polycarp’s Holiday Club Parent (Farnham, Surrey)

St Polycarp's Holiday Club Parent

Again, another half term holiday club and I’m emailing again to say thank you from both myself and Joseph for another fantastic week at Casa.

Joseph has absolutely loved His week of fun and games, drawing, making slime and spending time doing fun memory making activities with the staff at Lakeside. Joe’s given a special mention to both Lauren and Anita.

I only wish Casa was open over the Christmas Period when I’m working and struggle to juggle childcare ….. but we can’t have everything I suppose and I’m truly thankful you’re there for the rest of the year.

Julia , Your Content Goes Here