We are excited to announce that bookings for our new breakfast, afterschool and holiday clubs at Woolton Hill Junior School are now available, we look forward to getting to meet all our new parents and children!

Children attending St Thomas Infant School are also able to attend Breakfast club at the Woolton Hill Junior campus and will be taken via a walking bus to the infant’s school. Children need to be dropped off at Woolton Hill for breakfast club at 7:30am, afterschool club is only available to children attending Woolton Hill.

We will be running free taster sessions on the 16th and 23rd of June, and 7th of July from 3:30 to 4:30pm. Register your child’s space at www.casaclubs.co.uk. We hope to get to meet as many people as possible, and for you to get the chance to meet our wonderful staff before we officially start in July.

Our Summer Holiday Clubs will be taking bookings from July 25th 2022, with breakfast and afterschool clubs opening from September 5th 2022.

Make sure to book your children in now for our exciting summer holiday club as places are limited! Children will experience a “Trip Through Time”. Each week will be themed around a different time period. Starting with the perilous prehistoric period, up to the modern day we will be running fun activities themed around the different time periods.

Some of the activities include a dance through the decades workshop where the children will get to experience the crazy dance moves of the 50s,60s,70s, and 80s, a trip to Bird World on the 3rd August where they will get to meet all the beautiful species of birds from around the world, and will be running a drama workshop ran in house by one of our amazing staff. We’ll be baking delicious honey cookies, crafting exploding volcanos, and making beautiful stone age jewellery.

We will also be providing fun daily sports activities including volleyball, dodge ball and cricket to keep the children fit and active throughout the summer break.  As well as a huge number of other amazing activities, we provide something for everyone at our holiday clubs.

Holiday clubs aren’t restricted to only students of Woolton Hill and will be open to children attending any school, we have schools all over Hampshire and Surrey, so choose the school closest to you and sign up now!


Our session timing and prices are below:

Breakfast Club:

  7:30am Until School Starts
Breakfast Club Contract £7.00
Breakfast Club Ad Hoc £7.50


After School Club:

  3:30pm Until 5:00pm 3:30 Until 6:00pm
After School Club Contract £12.00 £13.00
After School Club Ad Hoc £13.00 £14.00


 Holiday Club:

8am-6pm £32.00
10am-4pm £29.00
8am-4pm £30.00
10am-6pm £30.00



For additional information email or call us at:

TEL: 01252 727000                              EMAIL: [email protected]